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Story starter

Using the sentences below, write the very beginning to a story. Think about how you can capture your readers interest and make them want to read on. Can you include a simile, a metaphor or even personification.

The door slammed shut behind me. I turned around. Where had the noise come from?


An interactive activity today, looking at apostrophes for contractions and for possession.  This activity is taken from


Other words for nice…

Today’s activity is an interactive looking at words instead of nice, it is taken from the Saint Ambrose Barlow website.

Words other than nice

More words!

How many words of 3 letters or more can you make from


What is the longest word you can make?


Try the following game from the BBC skillswise website to practise your use of apostrophes.

Beat the Clock

Keep checking!

I know my class constantly need to check their work through to ensure all their sentences make sense and they haven’t made any mistakes,  check the following sentences and see if you can find the errors:

1.  The boys runned down the road.

2.  I bought crisps, sweets, and a drink.

3.  The girl were wearing a red dress.

4.  I ain’t got my homework.

5.  “Stop”! shouted the man, as the boy ran away.


Imagine you are the child in this picture, why are you there? What are you doing? Who are you with? Remember to punctuate your sentences!


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