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Write five sentences using a different connective in each. Underline the connective.

however – also – even though –
despite – after


Write as many adverbs as possible to describe this verb:

e.g. ‘walked’ – quickly, slowly, etc.



Copy the sentence below, adding the correct punctuation.

what did you say the teacher asked in astonishment how dare you say that in my room go to the head teachers office now Fred left the class without saying another word

Sentence Openers

There are many different ways to start a sentence.  One is to use a -ly word.  For example – Quickly, she ran down the road.

How many other ly words can you think of to start a sentence?  Write a sentence for each one, remember your punctuation 😉

Wow words…..

Think of as many wow words as you can to describe a banana.


Write three sentences using each of the following connectives.

Meanwhile Although And


Imagine you are in this picture. Write at least five sentences describing what’s happening. Both junk who, where, why, what, how. Don’t forget your punctuation.


Wow words

Think of at least five wow words to describe a mouse. Remember to use your senses. Write these in sentences don’t forget your punctuation.


Describe the picture below, can you use any similes or metaphor?


Simple to complex?

Can you make the following simple sentences more complex by adding a subordinate clause?

1)  I have a dog.

2) The boy was riding a horse.

3) The man could hardly walk.

4) The book belongs to Jack.

5) The girl went to the doctor.

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