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Write sentences using each of the connectives below, remember to finish your sentence and use full stops and capital letters.

however meanwhile nevertheless

Wow words

How many wow words can you think of to describe a hamburger?

What do you see?

What can you see in the following picture? Why do you think they were doing this?



As it’s Valentines day today, how about writing a quick poem Love is…….

You can write it in any format you wish – I’d love to read some of them so please feel free to comment on this post with your poems.


Write as many adverbs as possible to describe this verb:
e.g. ‘walked’ – quickly, slowly, etc.


Sentence openers

There are different ways to open a sentence. One is the ‘ed’ starter.

e.g. Exhausted, Rizwan decided to go to bed.

How many openers can you think of like this. Remember to finish each sentence.

Improving sentences…..

Up level these sentences keeping the meaning. Remember, you can use openers, connectives, adverbs and wow words.

1) there was a bird in the tree
2) there was a rabbit down the hole
3) i saw a witch in the garden
4) i saw a cat on the fence
5) i saw a mouse in the cupboard

Wow words

Think of as many wow words as you can to describe a dog. Remember don’t just think of its physical appearance, but also how it moves, smells, sounds etc.

Can you write some of your wow words in a sentence?


Think of four animals and write a sentence about each one using a simile in each sentence.
e.g. He was as quiet as a mouse.

How about giraffe, lion, snake, fox, elephant, owl, bull?

Sentence openers

There are different ways to open a sentence. One is an ‘ing’ starter.

e.g. Running too fast, Jim fell over.

How many openers can you think of like this?

Remember to finish off your sentences.

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