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I have been really hard with my year fives all year working on expanding nouns in our writing.

What adjectives could you use to describe the following animal?


How many…..

How many words of 3 letters or more can you make from:


What is the largest word you can make?


Take turns to say a line in a story which you then hand on to your partner by suggesting a connective, e.g.

Child 1: Once there was a woodcutter who
Child 2: spent many hours in the forest because
Child 1: his wife spent so much money at Marks & Spencer, that he had no choice to work however

Here are some connectives for you to play with:

meanwhile, furthermore , however , nonetheless , alternatively , although , because , nevertheless , whereas , whoever , consequently , despite , and besides , until , yet , since , henceforward, suddenly , when all at once , even though ,

Character description…..

Think of a character in the book you are reading at the moment. Write a short description of the character, don’t forget your adjectives and try to include one simile and one metaphor.


Have a look at the photo below, describe how you might have felt if you had tried this tight rope stunt.


How many?

Write down as many words as you can beginning with the letter…


If you get to 20 try another.
You choose the letter!

Basic punctuation

Complete each of these sentences with . ? or !
1 Excuse me, do you know what time it is
2 Stop or I’ll open fire
3 I enjoy learning English
4 Get down from that tree
5 Exactly what did he tell you
6 Come here at once
7 We have P.E. twice a week
8 What miserable weather
9 Did you make that mess Clear it up now
10 The train will depart in ten minutes from Platform 3



Use the list of connectives below and join these two sentences in different ways.

The wizard waved his wand.
The spell was complete.

after, but, because, while, although, before, as, as soon as, whenever, so, when, immediately


Can you change the mood of this peice of writing?

Fill in the gaps with positive adjectives

Barry stared at the _______ burger. Outside the ______ window, a ______ wind swept across the _____ town. ______ cars purred by on the promenade, _______ newspapers tumbled along, driven by the _______ wind. The sea rolled up the ________ beach, crashing against the _______ rocks that lined the _______ shoreline.

Wow words

Pick 3 WOW words from below and write three sentences using them.

dine, progress, create, adore, foreboding, speculation, silhouette, terrain, love, vision, atmosphere, argue

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