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Make a list of all the adverbs you can think of to show how you can run.

The man quickly ran to the shops.


Describe the picture below. What can you see? Imagine you were the person in the picture, how would you feel? This picture was taken in Devon in England, how would the water have felt?



Put in the speech marks and any commas, exclamation marks or question marks that are needed in these sentences.

1 Don’t do that he shouted.
2 Why not? I asked him.
3 Because I don’t like it he replied.
4 Tough luck I laughed.
5 That’s not an answer he screamed
6 I told him Don’t shout like that.
7 He asked Why not?
8 I replied Because I don’t like it.
9 He laughed Tough luck then.
10. We both laughed and said Enough. Let’s go home.


Find the best word from this list and connect the two sentences together.

1.The boy stood at the door. He waited for someone to let him in.

2. Harry potter put on the hat. It said, “I think Syltherin is best.”

3. Thing One and Thing Two worked for the cat. They never got to be in charge.

What can you see?

Describe what you see in the picture below. Can you include a simile?


SPAG again …..

Use I or me for each sentence below:

I wanted Dad to watch ________ in the football match.
He walked to school with Danny and ____ .
My teacher told Terry and ____ to collect the books.
Eddie came to school with Jim and _____ .
Ben and ____ are going to the cinema tomorrow.


Pick the correct word or words from the options for each sentence below:

The window was broke / broken / broked / breaked by the ball.

Mandy writ / wrote / witten / has wrote a letter.

Benjie has eaten / eated / ate / eaten a large cucumber.

Speaking and listening

Have a look at the picture below, spend a few minutes discussing with a partner what you think is happening, how could you describe this picture?


Wow words

Think of five wow words instead of using cold. Write each of your wow words in a sentence, remember your punctuation.

Desert island?

Imagine you lived on the island in the picture below. What would life be like for you? Would you go to school? How would you survive? What do you think you would miss the most?


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