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What do you think the people in this photo are doing? Imagine you were sat on one of the sofas, think who, what, where, when, why.



Write a description of the following picture.  Remember those ‘wow’ words!

Summer is…..

For today’s starter I would like you to be creative, be imaginative, think similes, think metaphors and continue the following sentence.  You could write one sentence, you could write 5, turn it into a poem, I don’t mind, surprise me 🙂

Summer is………………


Read this with a partner and use an apostrophe to leave out a letter or letters where you can in some of the words.


If you do not understand something, it is always best to ask for help. What would you do if you broke a finger? You would go to the doctor. He would treat the finger. He would give you good advice. If you did not listen to the doctor, you would be very silly. It is the same in school. We are here to learn things. So when we do not understand something, we should ask for help. That makes sense, does it not?


Wow words

Pick 4 WOW words from below and write four sentences using them. Don’t forget your punctuation.

>container, furnishings, robe,
sensitively, timidly, calamity, pain, imagine, unfortunate, carefully, murderous

How many…..

How many words of 3 letters or more can you make from the word…..


What is the biggest word you can make?
Do you know what onomatopoeia is? Can you give me some examples?


Imagine you were stood watching the firework display below, how would you feel? What kind of sounds would you be hearing?

Write a short description – don’t forget your wow words.



Change all the underlined verbs from the past tense to the present tense.

  1. I ran all the way home.

  2. He hides under the table.

  3. I waved at the queen and shouted.

  4. I was thinking about my maths.

  5. They were running towards the hill.

  6. We were making lots of mess.


Words other than…..

Look at the underlined words in the sentences below. Replace them with words that have a similar meaning.

  1. He liked eating cake.

  2. Casey had a nice coat to wear.

  3. “Ouch!” said Mrs Fox.

  4. Which of these is the biggest?

  5. In the dark she felt anxious.

  6. My favourite book is the one with the red cover.


Write down the number of verbs in each sentence.

  1. Ben enjoyed watching TV.

  2. Suzy enjoyed watching TV while eating cake.

  3. I like playing football with Raj on the field.

  4. He is huge!

  5. Eating cake is one of my favourite hobbies!

  6. Quietly she wondered into the hall while it was dark.

  7. I am being very noisy today!

8.  My dog and I are enjoying our walk.

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