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Imagine you are here in this photo, write the beginning of a story, you need to capture your reader’s interest, think who, where, when, what, how.



Write a Haiku based on the theme of summer or the sun.  Remember a haiku has three lines to it, the first line has 5 syllables, the second 7 and the third 5.


Put the apostrophe in the correct place in each sentence.


1)   Here’s that boys pencil.

2)   That’s my mothers best friend.

3)   Both cars bumpers got dented.

4)   Sallys jacket needs mending.

5)   The birds wing is broken.

6) The childrens minibus has arrived.

7)   Why is Davids sister crying?

8)   The mices tails were cut off.

9)   Jamess answer is correct.

10)   Who took the boys bicycles?

11)   This books last page is missing.

12)   The ladies room is over there.


Imagine you are a cyclist in the Tour De France, how would you be feeling at this point? Write some sentences describing what is going through your head.



Imagine you were the person in the picture below. What thoughts would be going through your head? How would you feel?


Starting sentences

How many different ways can you start this sentence instead of a name or pronoun?

Paul ran to the park.

E.g. Quickly, Paul ran to the park.
Terrified, Paul ran to the park, he didn’t know what was chasing him.

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