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How many?

How many words of three letters or more can you make from the words

Persuasive Writing

What is the largest word you can make?


Imagine you are aboard the boat in the picture below. Write the beginning of a story that captures your reader. Think who, where, when, what, how.



List all the synonyms you can think of for ther word went.  Try putting the word in a sentence if you need to.

e.g Instead of:  He went to the park.  You could have :  He sauntered to the park.


Add at least three adjectives to the following sentence to make it more interesting.

The fox crept under the shed and began to dig furiously.


How many words?

How many words with three letters or more can you make from the letters below?



One Word

four pics 3

What word do you associate with all these pictures?  (Hint:  it has six letters)


Imagine you are the little boy in the picture below. What are you doing there? Who are you with? How is he feeling? Write several sentence describing what you think is happening.



Write five sentences using a different connective in each. Underline the connective.

however – also – even though –

despite – after


Write as many adverbs as you can to describe the verb – climbed.

Wow words

How many different wow words can you think of to describe a cake?


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