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Half term

Half term is almost upon is, list all the wow words you can think of to describe your feelings about your half term.  Maybe you are excited about something???

Words other than said

Today’s activity comes from the classroomcopilot website, click on the shield to use words other than said in sentences.

Words other than said

-ed Sentence Starters

There are different ways to open a sentence. One is the ‘ed’ starter.
e.g. Exhausted, Rizwan decided to go to bed.
How many openers can you think of like this. Remember to finish each sentence.

What do you think……

What do you think the men in the picture below are doing?

Write a short on conversation between the two men. Don’t forget your punctuation and speech marks



Making your sentences better

Pick five  sentences and UPLEVEL them…

  1. I went to the park.
  2. I walked to the stream.
  3. We played at the park.
  4. I walked the dog.
  5. Mum went to the shops.
  6. I ate Christmas dinner.
  7. Josh was late for school.
  8. Maisie walked across the playground.
  9. George spoke to the policeman.
  10. Alex played on his Xbox One.

The Connective Cauldron

Today’s activity comes from the Classroom Copilot website, to play the game you click on the cauldron, a connective will be shown and you need to put this in a sentence.  Click below for the easy and more advanced versions.


The Connective Cauldron Easy


The Connective Cauldron Advanced

The weather

How could you describe the weather in the picture below? Imagine you are telling a friend who lives in another part of the world, can you describe it so they can really imagine what it is like? Challenge – can you include a simile? A Metaphor? Or even some personification?


Time Connectives

Make a list of as many time connectives as you can.  Try writing a sentence starting with three from you list.

Story opener

Look at the picture below, write the first five sentences to start a story using the picture to give you ideas.



An interactive activity today from the site, revising the use of the apostrophe.

Click the link below to access the activity.


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