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Complete the last sentence with your own idea.

The girl, with long blonde hair, went to meet her friends.

The girl, as quiet as a mouse, went to meet her friends.

The girl, ……………………………, went to meet her friends.


Think of all the things you would associate with the word literacy?For example: sentences, neat handwriting

Discuss with a partner the meanings of the words, do you know what they all mean? Can you give examples for some of them.

What can you see?

Can you spot a person in the picture? Describe what you can see? How must that person be feeling? What is the scenery like?


What could it be?

What do you think the metal tube is for in the picture? Imagine you walk through the door, what would you find inside?


Describing characters

Work your way through the alphabet using each letter to start an adjective to describe the main character in the book you are reading, for example Harry Potter.

A = amazing

B = boyish

C = clever

Think of a sentence…..

Using the following letters, can you think of a sentence where each word starts with the letter given.

T     S       D      R       A

e.g.  The silly dog ran away.


Think about how interesting you sentence is, how could you then improve this sentence?   What do you need to add?


How many different connectives can you think of to join the following two sentences?

The boy ran down the road. He was going to the park.

Spelling’s Got talent

Todays activity comes from, click the buzzer for the correct spelling of their, they’re or there.  Click on the link below to access the activity.

Spelling’s Got talent


Imagine you are walking along the lane, where are you going? What do you expect to find? What do you find? Write some sentences to show this, remember your punctuation!



Making sentences

Look at these lists of nouns and verbs. Pick one from each and make a sentence that makes sense.

e.g. The boy rushed downstairs and ran outside.
Nouns                 Verbs
engine                groaned
pencil                 stole
tree                    snapped
window             revved
burglar             rattled

What else could you add to these sentences to make them more exciting?

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