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Making Toys

Do you think it would be fun to help the elves make the toys?  Why?  Why not?  What type of top would you like to make?  Describe it.



Christmas Cookies

Would you like to bake cookies with Mrs Claus?  Why?  Why not?  What type of cookies would you make?  Describe them?



Describe a candy cane, what does it feel like, taste like, look like, smell like.

candy cane

What would you do?

Fire in the house!

What 3 objects (not people) do you save and why? Explain your ideas to a partner .

How many?

How many words can you make using the letters in the word wheel below?  Rules:  you can only use each letter once, you must use the letter in the middle in each word.

Can you work out the nine letter word that uses all the letters?

word wheel

What’s the question?

Look at the following answers, what could the question have been?

1.  Snow

2.  Simon Cowell

3.  One Direction

4.  Christmas

5.  School


Imagine you are stood taking this photo.  How are you feeling?  What are you doing?  Why are you there?  Where are you going next?


Editing a paragraph

Today’s activity is taken from the everyday edits web page (  Read the paragraph below and see if you can correct the ten errors.

Earths axis is tilted, so as we orbit the Sun, the angle of the sunlight hitting our planet change’s through out the year. In December, people in the northern Hemisphere feel colder because they are tilted away form the Sun. at the same time, people in the Southern Hemispere are tilter toward the Sun, makeing it warmer in tat part of the world. –


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