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Character description

Find as many words as possible to describe this character’s appearance, personality, dress sense, life style, everything.



Describe what you can see in the picture below. Write sentences to show this, try to include a simile. Don’t forget your punctuation!


Interactive fun!

Click on the link below to access today’s activity from the Crick Web website.

How many?

How many words of 3 letters or more can you make from the following? What is the longest word you can make?


Sentence laboratory

Can you write a sentence using the given words before the test tube flows over?

Today’s activity comes from the sentenceplay website (

Click here to access the activity.

Words instead of little

Find as many words as you can that could be used instead of…


Can you write some of them in sentences?

What’s wrong?

Today’s activity is from the Crickweb website, choose a news story and then see what is wrong with it. Click the link below then go down to the activity called Writing:comment.

Odd One Out

Which is the odd one out in the following?  Can you explain why?

Boy Female Woman Girl

Shoe Sandal Glove Boot

Lake Forest Ocean River

Chair Seat Table Sofa

 Happy Grumpy Joy Excited

 Rice Pork Chicken Beef


What could the question be?

If the following are answers to questions, what could the question be?

1.  Peanut butter

2.  Wombat

3.  Protractor

4.  Germination

5.  Simile

Sentence openers

There are different ways to open a sentence one is “speech” plus stage direction plus an ‘ing’ clause.

e.g. “Wait”, he whispered, picking up his torch.

Write some sentences starting each one with some speech.  Remember to punctuate them accurately.

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