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What do you think?

Look at the picture below, write 5 sentences describing what you think is happening. Try to include a simile.


Easter Eggs….

Write a description of your perfect Easter Egg, think carefully about the words you choose to describe it, don’t forget to punctuate your sentences.

Word list

Start a word list from the word below.

Each new word must be a noun and must start with the last letter of the previous word:

e.g. dog – girl – lamb – boy – yo yo – owl



Describe a food you like to eat on a special occasion, think carefully about the words you use, make me want to eat it to.

Can you make these better?

What could you add to the following sentences to make them more interesting?

1. The wind blew through the trees
2. The castle was on the hill
3. The sun shone on the beach.


Today’s activity comes from The British Council’s website, please click the link below to access the activity on adjectives.

Click here


Imagine you are an actress/actor on the red carpet. He would you feel? What would be going through your mind? Write several sentences describing your journey along the red carpet.



Write five sentences using one of the following in each sentence:

? ! “ “ ed ing


Look at the picture below, imagine you are there or maybe you are the elephant in the picture, think who, what, where, when, why.  Write the beginning to a short story, remember your punctuation and try to hook your reader!


Make your face funny

Make your face funny for money is the theme of Comic Relief today.  How have you made your face funny?  What words could you use to describe your funny face?

If you haven’t made your face funny describe a friends or use the picture below.


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