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Imagine the polar bear and the little girl are having a conversation, what would they say to each other? Write part of their conversation, don’t forget your speech marks!


Everyday Edits

Today’s activity is taken from the Everyday edits page at, there are 10 mistakes to find.  You can check your answer here.  

Have you ever herd the saying, “April showers bring May flowers?” That is because April is known for being verry rainy. May is known four being the first warm munth of the year when flowers begin bloooming. People feel better on rainey april days when they think of the warn weather and pretty flours that are right around the corner

Sentence starters…

How many different ways can you start this sentence?

The boy ran to the park to meet his friends.

E.G.  Quickly, the boy ran to the park to meet his friends.

The sun…..

Now we are beginning to see that big yellow thing in the sky a lot more, how many different similes can you think of to describe the sun? Can you share some with me?


How many different connectives can you think of to join the following two simple sentences?

The boy ran down the road. The monster was chasing him.

What other types of words could you add to these sentences to improve them?

Improving sentences

Can you rewrite the following sentences and improve them. What could you add? Can you vary the way the sentence starts? Remember you punctuation and the meaning of the sentence must stay the same.

• The worm went.
• The man got the drink.
• The dog came along the road.
• The woman ate the stuff.
• The man looked at the stuff in the shop

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