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Wow words

Pick 5 WOW words off the board and write five sentences using them.

echoing, doubtful, emotion, anxiety, longing, progress, create, system, communication,
ingredient, vibration, prefer, nourish, demonstrate, enjoy, leap

Sentence Doctor

Todays activity comes from the sentence play website, see if you can see what is wrong with the sentences, click on the link below to access the activity.


Write five sentences using a different connective in each. Underline the connective.

however – also – even though – despite – after

Apostrophes for contractions

Today’s starter comes from the Quia website, a pick a pair activity matching the contractions.

Character description

Find as many words as possible to describe this character’s appearance, personality, dress sense, life style, everything.


What’s missing?

Correct the following sentences.

1.  i love being back at school, it is great fun!

2.  Where is your homework

3.  Lunchtime! shouted the children.

4.  Thursday is our PE day

5.  I hope everywon had a great holiday.

Prefixes and Suffixes

An interactive spelling starter today from the BBC website.

Prefixes and Suffixes

Word Scramble

Today’s activity is an interactive one from the primary games website. Please click the following link to go to the game:

Word Scramble


How many different connectives can you use to join the following sentences? The boy went to the park. He wanted to play football. How else could you improve the sentence?

Sentence starters

There are many ways to start a sentence, the following example uses description: The big, black dog chased the cat along the road.

How many ways can you use description to start a sentence? Remember to write a full sentence.

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