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Writing sentences

Write one interesting, complex sentence that includes all four of the following nouns:

house, necklace, dog, toilet

How could you change the sentence to completely alter the meaning ?


Write down as many words as you can beginning with the letter…


If you get to 20 try another.
You choose the letter!


Write as many adverbs as possible to describe this verb:

e.g. ‘walked’ – quickly, slowly, etc.


What’s the question?

Look at the answers below, what could the question be?

1) snow
2) 42
3) table
4) Easter
5) chocolate
6) X Factor
7) Ipad
8) green

Wow words

Pick 5 WOW words from the list below and write five sentences using them.

echoing, doubtful, emotion, anxiety, longing, progress, create, system, communication,
ingredient, vibration, prefer, nourish, demonstrate, enjoy, leap

The sun

I know we are not seeing a lot of it at the moment, but think of different similes, metaphor, alliteration or personification you could use to describe the sun.

Sentence starters

Write an interesting sentence using each of the starters below. Imagine this sentnece was the beginning of your story – can you capture your readers interest straight away?

All of a sudden,
As a result,
As quick as a flash,
At last,
Out of the blue,

Can you make these better?

Up Level these sentences by adding words, e.g. The mouse ate the cheese.

The greedy mouse quickly ate the mouldy cheese.

The alarm rang.
The crowd cheered.
The bomb exploded.
The boy cried.


Using the link below, try the Countdown letters game, pick some vowels and consonants – what’s the biggest words you can make?

Speech marks

Todays activity is an interactive one – you need to put the speech marks in the correct places. It is taken from the Lancashire Grid for Learning website.

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