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How many similes can you think of for…..

as quiet as

as terrified as

Can you turn any of them into metaphors?


Imagine you are one if the penguins in the picture below, how do you feel? What are you doing? Where are you going?



How many different embedded clauses can you add into the following simple sentence.

The sun is out today.

The sun, shining brightly from the sky, is out today.
The sun, as yellow as a banana, is out today.


Write one sentence that includes all four of the following nouns:
house, necklace, dog, toilet

Could you improve your sentence to make it better? Is it punctuated accurately?


How many similes can you think of starting with….

as quiet as
as small as
as terrified as


Today’s activity is an interactive one from the Monmouthshire LEA – drag adjectives into the passage so the passage makes sense.

Describing a setting


How many?

Hw many words of 3 letters or more can you make from the word


What s the biggest word you can make?


The following photo shows residents in Manila with a rubbish pile towering above them. They have just banned disposable carrier bags to try to combat the rubbish problem. Imagine you are one if the residents, how would you persuade people to stop using disposable carrier bags? Write five sentences persuading someone, remember your punctuation!



Imagine you are on a beach in a hot country….finish the following sentences.

I see
I feel
I smell
I hear
I taste

Can you include a simile? A metaphor?

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