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Creative writing

Describe what you can see in the picture below, try to include a simile or metaphor.



Look at the sentence below, can you punctuate it accurately?

the castle would have looked scary in the daylight but at night it was absolutely terrifying maybe we should go back mohammed said it was then that he realised he was alone

Sentence starters

There are different ways to open a sentence. One is a ‘where’ starter.

e.g. At the end of the lane, stood an old house.

How many openers can you think of like this? Remember to finish each sentence.


I know my class seem to be confusing there, their and they’re in their writing.

Try this quick interactive activity to consolidate the different meanings.



Today’s activity is from the BBC website, paragraphs


How many different connectives can you use to Jon the following sentences.

I was getting hot. The sun was shining brightly.

Making words

How many words of 3 letters or more can you make from…..

subordinate clause

What is the biggest word you can make?


Look at the following picture. What are the people walking on? Imagine you are one if those people, think how, where, when, why, what. Write at least 5 sentences about the picture, try to include at least one complex sentence and don’t forget your punctuation!


Sentence Shooter

Today’s activity is from the BBC website, click the link below to go straight to it.

Improving sentences

How any different ways can you rewrite the following sentences to improve them. Don’t forget your punctuation.

The boy played football.

The girl loved to dance.

I like listening to One Direction

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