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A reminder!!

A starter to help us remember to vary our words today, this is after one of my class was reminded after their 100wc last week to use a variety of words, other than said.

How many other words can you think of instead of ‘said’?

Making sentences

Click the link  below for an interactive starter today, taken from the BBC skillswise site.

Making sentences

What can you see?

Describe what you can see in the picture below. Try to use different and interesting adjectives.



Add adjectives to the following passage to make it sound more interesting.

As I walked down the road, I kept thinking about the house I had just passed.  It sat on the hill above the village.  The windows, door and bushes surrounding it made it look very frightening.  The drive up to the house seemed to go on forever.   I wonder who lived there?


Now we are seeing a lot more of the sun, lets see how many different similes we can make for the sun….

The sun is as…….

The sun is like a ………

Can you also try a metaphor? The sun is……

Sentence starters

Write a sentence (or sentences) using each of the following words to start your sentence.

E.g. Petrified I turned around, I couldn’t see anything!   Where had the noise come from?

1.  Surprised

2.  Suddenly

3. Eventually


Imagine you are the man in the picture, write at least 5 sentences about what is happening. Remember, make your sentences complex and don’t forget your punctuation. Think – where, when, why, how


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