Literacy Starter of the Day

Speech Marks

A starter today looking at adding speech marks to sentences, today’s activity is from the Lancs NGFL website.

Speech Marks


Today’s activity is a spelling one from the BBC website

Happy New Year

Happy new year and welcome back to a new term!!!!!!

Look at the following picture, describe what you can see. Try to use a simile and a metaphor. Where do you think this picture was taken? What clues have helped you decide this?


Santa’s reindeer

If you could name a new Reindeer for Santa, what would you call it and why?


Oh no!!!!

AHHHHH-CHOO!!!!  Rudolph has a cold, who will guide Santa’s sleigh?  Why have you chosen this reindeer, what are its key strengths?




Christmas presents

If you could have anything in the world for Christmas, what would you want and why?

xmas present


Would you like to be one of Santa’s Elves?  Why? Why not?



If you were able to meet father Christmas, what questions would you ask him?



ing clauses

Write a sentence beginning with each of the following -ing clauses.

Glancing across the room,

Following him quickly down the road,

Walking carefully along the path,

Joining sentences

An interactive activity today, from the BBC Skillswise website, joining two sentences with a conjunction to make a compound sentence.  Please click the link below to take you straight to the activity.

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