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Apostrophes for contractions

Today’s starter comes from the Quia website, a pick a pair activity matching the contractions.


Today’s activity comes from the Topmarks website, and is a revision activity for apostrophes for contraction and possession.

Apostrophe activity


An interactive activity today from the site, revising the use of the apostrophe.

Click the link below to access the activity.



Put the apostrophe in the correct place in each sentence.


1)   Here’s that boys pencil.

2)   That’s my mothers best friend.

3)   Both cars bumpers got dented.

4)   Sallys jacket needs mending.

5)   The birds wing is broken.

6) The childrens minibus has arrived.

7)   Why is Davids sister crying?

8)   The mices tails were cut off.

9)   Jamess answer is correct.

10)   Who took the boys bicycles?

11)   This books last page is missing.

12)   The ladies room is over there.


Read this with a partner and use an apostrophe to leave out a letter or letters where you can in some of the words.


If you do not understand something, it is always best to ask for help. What would you do if you broke a finger? You would go to the doctor. He would treat the finger. He would give you good advice. If you did not listen to the doctor, you would be very silly. It is the same in school. We are here to learn things. So when we do not understand something, we should ask for help. That makes sense, does it not?



An interactive activity today, looking at apostrophes for contractions and for possession.  This activity is taken from



Try the following game from the BBC skillswise website to practise your use of apostrophes.

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