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Imagine you are on a trip in space, this is the view out of your space ship window. How are you feeling? What can you see? Why are you on this trip? Who are you with?

Use this idea to write an imaginative story starter. Remember to punctuate your writing and think carefully about hooking your reader.



Look at the following picture. What are the people walking on? Imagine you are one if those people, think how, where, when, why, what. Write at least 5 sentences about the picture, try to include at least one complex sentence and don’t forget your punctuation!


What do you think?

Look at the picture below, write 5 sentences describing what you think is happening. Try to include a simile.



Look at the picture below, imagine you are there or maybe you are the elephant in the picture, think who, what, where, when, why.  Write the beginning to a short story, remember your punctuation and try to hook your reader!



Describe what you can see in the picture below. Write sentences to show this, try to include a simile. Don’t forget your punctuation!



Imagine you are the little boy in the picture below. What are you doing there? Who are you with? How is he feeling? Write several sentence describing what you think is happening.



Describe the picture below. What can you see? Imagine you were the person in the picture, how would you feel? This picture was taken in Devon in England, how would the water have felt?


How would you feel?

The man in the picture has taken part in a traditional flour fight. Imagine you we’re taking part in the flour fight. What happens? How do you feel?


Story setting

Imagine you are going to write a story set in the picture below. How would you start your story to hook your reader’s interest?



What with all the rain we are having at the moment, imagine you are in the picture below. Where are you? Who are you with? Why are you there! What are you doing? Remember to punctuate your sentences.


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