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Sentence starters

There are many ways to start a sentence, the following example uses description: The big, black dog chased the cat along the road.

How many ways can you use description to start a sentence? Remember to write a full sentence.

What do you think?

Look at the picture below, write 5 sentences describing what you think is happening. Try to include a simile.



Describe what you can see in the picture below. Write sentences to show this, try to include a simile. Don’t forget your punctuation!


What can you see?

Can you spot a person in the picture? Describe what you can see? How must that person be feeling? What is the scenery like?


What could it be?

What do you think the metal tube is for in the picture? Imagine you walk through the door, what would you find inside?



Imagine you were the person in the picture below. What thoughts would be going through your head? How would you feel?



Imagine you were stood watching the firework display below, how would you feel? What kind of sounds would you be hearing?

Write a short description – don’t forget your wow words.



Describe the picture below. What can you see? Imagine you were the person in the picture, how would you feel? This picture was taken in Devon in England, how would the water have felt?


What can you see?

Describe what you see in the picture below. Can you include a simile?


Speaking and listening

Have a look at the picture below, spend a few minutes discussing with a partner what you think is happening, how could you describe this picture?


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