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Improving sentences

How any different ways can you rewrite the following sentences to improve them. Don’t forget your punctuation.

The boy played football.

The girl loved to dance.

I like listening to One Direction

Improving sentences

Can you rewrite the following sentences and improve them. What could you add? Can you vary the way the sentence starts? Remember you punctuation and the meaning of the sentence must stay the same.

• The worm went.
• The man got the drink.
• The dog came along the road.
• The woman ate the stuff.
• The man looked at the stuff in the shop

Think of a sentence…..

Using the following letters, can you think of a sentence where each word starts with the letter given.

T     S       D      R       A

e.g.  The silly dog ran away.


Think about how interesting you sentence is, how could you then improve this sentence?   What do you need to add?

Making your sentences better

Pick five  sentences and UPLEVEL them…

  1. I went to the park.
  2. I walked to the stream.
  3. We played at the park.
  4. I walked the dog.
  5. Mum went to the shops.
  6. I ate Christmas dinner.
  7. Josh was late for school.
  8. Maisie walked across the playground.
  9. George spoke to the policeman.
  10. Alex played on his Xbox One.

Can you make these better?

Make the following sentences better by adding words, clauses and the relevant punctuation.

1. The girl ran to the park.
2. The cat climbed the tree.
3. The boy played football.

Can you make these sentences better?

Up Level these sentences by adding words, e.g. The mouse ate the cheese.
The greedy mouse quickly ate the mouldy cheese.

The bird flew to the tree.

The dog bit the robber.

The sheep lay down.

Improving sentences…..

Up level these sentences keeping the meaning. Remember, you can use openers, connectives, adverbs and wow words.

1) there was a bird in the tree
2) there was a rabbit down the hole
3) i saw a witch in the garden
4) i saw a cat on the fence
5) i saw a mouse in the cupboard

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