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What’s wrong with these sentences?

Can you find the mistakes in the following sentences:

1. The children was going to the park.
2. Help, shouted the small boy, I can’t get down from this tree.
3. The man were walking all his children to school.
4. The girl hadn’t done nothing wrong.
5. The children ranned all the way to school.


Imagine you are on a trip in space, this is the view out of your space ship window. How are you feeling? What can you see? Why are you on this trip? Who are you with?

Use this idea to write an imaginative story starter. Remember to punctuate your writing and think carefully about hooking your reader.



Look at the sentence below, can you punctuate it accurately?

the castle would have looked scary in the daylight but at night it was absolutely terrifying maybe we should go back mohammed said it was then that he realised he was alone


Write five sentences using one of the following in each sentence:

? ! “ “ ed ing


Punctuate the following sentences:

1. the girl crying as she went ran all the way home
2. as fast as a cheetah the boy ran the length of the football pitch
3. stop shouted the man that’s my bike
4. what would you like for tea the mother asked her children
5. I would like sausages peas beans and chips for tea tonight.

Editing a paragraph

Today’s activity is taken from the everyday edits web page (  Read the paragraph below and see if you can correct the ten errors.

Earths axis is tilted, so as we orbit the Sun, the angle of the sunlight hitting our planet change’s through out the year. In December, people in the northern Hemisphere feel colder because they are tilted away form the Sun. at the same time, people in the Southern Hemispere are tilter toward the Sun, makeing it warmer in tat part of the world. –


See more at:



Punctuate the following sentences.

1. Right, said the teacher. Time for literacy now!
2. The girl with long brown hair ran to the park
3. It was very hot yesterday so we went to the park
4. At the shops I bought bananas apples grapes and strawberries
5. Stop shouted the man That’s my car

Basic punctuation

Complete each of these sentences with . ? or !
1 Excuse me, do you know what time it is
2 Stop or I’ll open fire
3 I enjoy learning English
4 Get down from that tree
5 Exactly what did he tell you
6 Come here at once
7 We have P.E. twice a week
8 What miserable weather
9 Did you make that mess Clear it up now
10 The train will depart in ten minutes from Platform 3


Copy the sentence below, adding the correct punctuation.

that piece of cheese has been sitting on the court since last spring it must have dropped out of someones sandwich or something after a couple of days the cheese started getting all mouldy and nasty nobody would play basketball where the cheese was


Copy the sentence below, adding the correct punctuation.

what did you say the teacher asked in astonishment how dare you say that in my room go to the head teachers office now Fred left the class without saying another word

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