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Making sentences

Click the link  below for an interactive starter today, taken from the BBC skillswise site.

Making sentences


Underline the nouns in the following sentences.

1.  Peter ran down the road.

2.  London is the capital of England.

3.  Friday was spelling test day, Sarah really worried about this day.

4.  Lets hope September has better weather than July had.

5.  Charlie and Fred decided to play football at break time.

The correct verb?

An interactive starter this morning courtsey of, choose the correct verb so the sentences make sense.  Click the link below to start the activity.

Verb agreement

Commas and clauses…..

Add a suitable clause to the end of the following sentences, remember to include a comma:

1.  Dad wrapped a huge bandage around the water pipe…………

2. I was still sitting quietly watching TV……………………….

3. I will always remember the sunny beaches of Spain………

4. Can you see clearly……………………

5. Don’t you dare go out in the snow………………….

Sentence Shooter

Today’s activity is from the BBC website, click the link below to go straight to it.

Improving sentences

How any different ways can you rewrite the following sentences to improve them. Don’t forget your punctuation.

The boy played football.

The girl loved to dance.

I like listening to One Direction

Can you make these better?

Up Level these sentences by adding words, e.g. The mouse ate the cheese.

The greedy mouse quickly ate the mouldy cheese.

The alarm rang.
The crowd cheered.
The bomb exploded.
The boy cried.

Sentence Doctor

Todays activity comes from the sentence play website, see if you can see what is wrong with the sentences, click on the link below to access the activity.


Write five sentences using one of the following in each sentence:

? ! “ “ ed ing

Conjuctions – joining words

Click the link below to access today’s sentence based activity from the Crickweb website.

Click here

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