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Look at the sentence below, can you punctuate it accurately?

the castle would have looked scary in the daylight but at night it was absolutely terrifying maybe we should go back mohammed said it was then that he realised he was alone

Sentence starters

There are different ways to open a sentence. One is a ‘where’ starter.

e.g. At the end of the lane, stood an old house.

How many openers can you think of like this? Remember to finish each sentence.


How many similes can you think of for…..

as quiet as

as terrified as

Can you turn any of them into metaphors?


Write down as many words as you can beginning with the letter…


If you get to 20 try another.
You choose the letter!

Sentence starters

What words/phrases could you use to start the following sentence to make it more interesting?

The girl turned around looking to see what was there.

Words instead of little

Find as many words as you can that could be used instead of…


Can you write some of them in sentences?

Editing a paragraph

Today’s activity is taken from the everyday edits web page (  Read the paragraph below and see if you can correct the ten errors.

Earths axis is tilted, so as we orbit the Sun, the angle of the sunlight hitting our planet change’s through out the year. In December, people in the northern Hemisphere feel colder because they are tilted away form the Sun. at the same time, people in the Southern Hemispere are tilter toward the Sun, makeing it warmer in tat part of the world. –


See more at:


Think of a sentence…..

Using the following letters, can you think of a sentence where each word starts with the letter given.

T     S       D      R       A

e.g.  The silly dog ran away.


Think about how interesting you sentence is, how could you then improve this sentence?   What do you need to add?

Spelling’s Got talent

Todays activity comes from, click the buzzer for the correct spelling of their, they’re or there.  Click on the link below to access the activity.

Spelling’s Got talent

Sentence openers

Today’s activity  is from the Classsroom Co pilot website, play the activity and look at different ways to start sentences.

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