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Imagine you are on a beach in a hot country….finish the following sentences.

I see
I feel
I smell
I hear
I taste

Can you include a simile? A metaphor?

Sentence laboratory

Can you write a sentence using the given words before the test tube flows over?

Today’s activity comes from the sentenceplay website (

Click here to access the activity.

Random words

You need a book each. Open your book to page 7, count down to line 5 and then along to the 3rd word. You must now quickly write a sentence using the word, underlining the word.
Try again for page 19, line 9, word 6.
Try again for page 12, line 2, word 7.
Try again for page 26, line 15, word 8..

Making sentences

Look at these lists of nouns and verbs. Pick one from each and make a sentence that makes sense.

e.g. The boy rushed downstairs and ran outside.
Nouns                 Verbs
engine                groaned
pencil                 stole
tree                    snapped
window             revved
burglar             rattled

What else could you add to these sentences to make them more exciting?

Wow words

Pick 4 WOW words from below and write four sentences using them. Don’t forget your punctuation.

>container, furnishings, robe,
sensitively, timidly, calamity, pain, imagine, unfortunate, carefully, murderous

Wow words

Pick 4 WOW from the words below and write four sentences using them. Don’t forget to punctuate your sentences!

outstandingly, tenderly, quietly, formidable, bleak, outspoken, stern, comical, pathetic, yearning, dwell,


Write three sentences beginning with a simile, remember a simile uses the words like or as.


Like a ghost in the night, he crept up the stairs.


Write five sentences using a different connective in each. Underline the connective.

however – also – even though –
despite – after


Write three sentences using each of the following connectives.

Meanwhile Although And

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